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Phone scam solicits donations for police who have died in the line of duty

Illinois State Police warn of a phone scam moving throughout the state

Illinois State Police warns of a phone scam
Illinois State Police warns of a phone scam

The Illinois State Police has issued a news release warning all Illinois residents of an ongoing phone scam.

An individual is calling people throughout the state and claiming to be associated with the Illinois State Police, according to the news release. The individual will then ask for a donation for officers who have died in the line of duty.

The Illinois State Police wants residents to know the organization does not solicit donations. Residents should always be wary of callers asking for money, especially if those callers begin to pose threats or become overly pushy.

The number most often associated with the fraudulent calls is 312-789-5176, but scammers do frequently change their numbers on caller ID. Anyone concerned he or she might have been the victim of a phone scam should call 800-243-0618 to report the incident to the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

For information on phone scams, visit the Illinois Attorney General online or the Federal Trade Commission website.

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